“If 2020 Were a Massage, It’d Be a Fundal Massage”

This quote though, amiright?! I came across it recently and for anyone who’s given birth, you KNOW that fundal massages (aka where they push down on your stomach so freaking hard after you’ve given birth) are for the damn birds. So, they have a lot in common with this year.

The last time I wrote a blog post was in November 2019…yeah, this year has been a wash. Between COVID-19 rocking everyone’s worlds, all of the social injustice going on in this country, oh and the fact that I had a baby (!!!), this year has been one for the books. Obviously the birth of my daughter – ps, birth story coming soon – was the bright spot, but let me tell ya, this year has officially sucked.

All of that to say, I am back in action at least on the blogging front. My daughter Antonia was born on July 8th and I’m taking the rest of the year off of birth and postpartum work. In fact, due to COVID, I haven’t worked since April 1st as doulas have not been allowed at most hospitals. Thankfully that’s starting to change here in the Bay Area, but for a while I wondered when my work life would return to normal (and if it ever would, tbh).

While I’m taking a break from birth and pp work, I’ll be writing blog posts during nap time and holding consults for potential clients due in 2021! So be on the lookout for more content coming shortly, including my daughter’s birth story and part III of my “what to include in your birth preferences” series talking all about c-sections.

I’ve missed writing and am looking forward to the creative outlet to break up my days with my precious newborn. Anyway, that’s all for now – glad to be back!


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Hi, I’m Katelyn - a seasoned birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, placenta specialist, Ayurvedic postpartum care practitioner, and certified women’s health coach. My #1 priority is to empower women to see what they can do when they believe in themselves and their beautiful bodies. I live in the East Bay with my husband, daughter, and fur babies.

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