I know, I know. It’s so trendy right now to drink celery juice. Medical Medium probably should have invested in some celery stock (not to be confused with stalk). In this post, as you probably have guessed, I’ll go over how and why I started drinking it daily and my overall experience (the good and the bad) since starting.

In late December of 2018 I started reading more about celery juice and the benefits of drinking it. Around this time I also started seeing people I follow on Instagram getting really into it. After a couple days of hemming and hawing about whether or not I should try it, I decided that it could only help me so I bought a really cheap juicer and got down to it.

According to Medical Medium the key is to drink roughly 16 oz of organic, plain ol’ celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The other important thing is to wait about 15 minutes before eating. When I was first starting, it took me some time to work the routine of getting up, prepping my stalks, juicing, cleaning the juicer, drinking it, then allowing 15 minutes before my morning coffee and breakfast into my schedule. But once I did, it was super easy and didn’t feel like too much of a nuisance. I started routinely drinking about 10-12 oz of celery juice first thing in the morning on Dec. 30th 2018.

Let me tell ya, if you drink too much celery juice to start you will certainly experience some…ahem…detoxing of your body. In fact, there was a while where I was drinking too much and I’d be going to the bathroom immediately after drinking it. Celery is highly detoxing so for me, 16 oz is too much. I’m much better around 10-12 oz. As soon as I figured out how much to drink, it was a much better experience for me.

One of the first questions I get is “how does celery juice taste?” Well, it tastes just like celery, but it’s much saltier and stronger than eating the stalk. I’ve come to LOVE the taste. In fact, I kinda crave it in the mornings now. It’s deliciously salty and comforting for me. The other thing I do is keep my celery out on the counter (not in the fridge) so it’s not super cold. Since really practicing more of an Ayurvedic lifestyle, I rarely drink or eat cold things. So having my celery juice room temp is a must. Note: celery juice left out on the counter spoils much quicker.

That’s another thing I quickly discovered – to get 10-12 oz of celery juice you need to juice about 1 whole bunch of celery stalks. Sometimes more than 1 bunch depending on the size of the bunch. At the beginning of every week, I buy 9 bunches of organic celery and it lasts me 1 week. That’s about $12 per week I spend on celery juice.

The benefits I’ve been seeing have been slow. At first I was wondering if it was doing anything at all. I’m sure there are plenty of good things going on internally, but I’m also one who likes to see the benefits outwardly. The one thing I have noticed is that I am very very regular. Which is not only healthy, but makes me feel great every day. I also hope to start to see benefits with my skin. I’ve had this recurring rash on my chin ever since college and I haven’t quite figured out what triggers it. I have a theory that it’s dairy that flares it up (ugh) so I cut that out about 2 weeks ago hoping that, in conjunction with the celery juice, it goes away all together. TBD on that one.

Overall, it’s a nice routine I’ve gotten used to and I’m hoping that over time I start to see many of the outward benefits of it. One thing I’m curious to know is if it’s lowering my cholesterol. At my most recent physical in the fall, my bloodwork showed that my bad cholesterol levels weren’t so high it was worrisome, but they were higher than my doctor would have liked for someone my age and with no family history of it. So, my goal is to keep this up until my next checkup to see if it helped at all.

I’d love to know if you’re juicing celery, or planning to start. Let me know in the comments!


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