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Cookies I Know You’ll Love


I’ve always had a “sweet tooth.” Every Sunday growing up, we’d spend the evening at my grandparents for dinner and dessert. Dessert ALWAYS happened and me and my grandpa were usually first to be served. Cookies, cake, ice cream, pie, trifle, you name it. We had to have something sweet before heading back home for the night to gear up for school the next day.

My mom used to tell me I took after my grandpa with my sweet tooth and let me tell you, the man loves his sweets. So naturally, I thought it was something I inherited. How crazy is that? My point in all of this is to say, I still definitely have my moments where I crave something sweet. I usually make a smoothie with natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup (if anything sweet is added) or have a piece of fruit. But on the days where I need something more, I whip up this delicious batch of chocolate chip, almond butter cookies made with only four ingredients. 

An old coworker made these with peanut butter and refined sugar and brought them into the office a few months back. I was so amped they were gluten free and that I could eat them I didn’t care about the other crappy ingredients. But then I went home and made some small tweaks to make them a bit healthier. Now obviously these aren’t something you overindulge in every single night. But they’re a great treat when you need something sweet.

The best part? They’re SO easy to make. And you likely have the ingredients in your pantry/fridge already. And they’re so tasty you’ll fool the junk food lovers in your life into thinking they’re eating something really bad for them. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy these any day of the week!

2 eggs
2 cups almond butter (I use Justin’s without the added sugar or the Trader Joe’s brand)
2 cups coconut sugar
2 cups chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life or this other brand that I found at my local natural food store. It doesn’t have soy or dairy in it and minimal sugar. The ingredients are simple, which I love.)

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Mix the eggs and coconut sugar together in a large bowl until completely combined.
3. Mix the egg/coconut sugar mixture into the almond butter mixture until completely incorporated. If your almond butter has excess oil at the top of the jar, reserve it until you’ve combined everything and then incorporate if the batter is a little too crumbly.
4. Fold in the chocolate chips into the mixture.
5. Once the chocolate chips are mixed evenly throughout, start forming small golf ball sized balls of the dough in your hands and place them on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet about a half inch apart
6. Bake for 10-18 minutes. They’ll come out with a nicely browned outside, but will be really melty on the inside. They solidify a bit once you let them cool down (about 20 minutes, or sometimes I pop them in the freezer to speed that part up).

Sometimes I also add in some chia seeds to pack a little healthier punch. Either way, they’re delicious and I know you’ll love them just as much as I do.



About Katelyn Gonzalez

Hi, I’m Katelyn - a seasoned birth doula, childbirth educator, placenta specialist, Ayurvedic postpartum care practitioner, and certified women’s health coach. My #1 priority is to empower women to see what they can do when they believe in themselves and their beautiful bodies. I live in the East Bay with my husband and fur babies.

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