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Should you do a cleanse?

Are you a healthy woman who has recently “fallen off the wagon” and started stress eating due to a hectic work schedule or family drama? Or, are you finally ready to jump start a healthier lifestyle, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Maybe you’re 6-12 months postpartum and ready to feel better physically? Or, you’ve decided to start trying to get pregnant and want to ensure your body is in tip top shape to support a healthy pregnancy? Perhaps you should consider a cleanse program.

Eight times a year, I run short, 7-day cleanse programs where I provide you all of the materials you need (guidebooks, recipes, grocery lists, detoxification tools, etc.) to reset your healthy lifestyle or jump start a new way of living. Each participant gets access to a closed Facebook group for additional support and can email me directly with any questions. At the end of every program, I offer interested participants a free discovery session to discuss next steps to ensure these healthy habits stick.

This isn’t your typical cleanse or detox program – there is no juicing for 3 days straight without solid foods and there certainly aren’t any hangry participants. The cleanse focuses on identifying foods that may be causing unknown inflammation within your body. For 7 days, I provide you with recipes that incorporate real, whole, nutrient-dense foods without dairy, gluten, and refined sugars to get to the bottom of what’s causing inflammation and to get you back on track. Even if you’ve done a similar cleanse before, I recommend taking part in a cleanse every season (so, 4 times a year) in order to clear your body of toxins and get back into the groove of things. Plus, every season highlights foods that are ripe and made for you to eat during that time!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out my latest cleanse or get in contact with me here.



About Katelyn Gonzalez

Hi, I’m Katelyn - a seasoned birth doula, childbirth educator, placenta specialist, Ayurvedic postpartum care practitioner, and certified women’s health coach. My #1 priority is to empower women to see what they can do when they believe in themselves and their beautiful bodies. I live in the East Bay with my husband and fur babies.

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