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Why I don’t believe in birth plans *insert gasp here*

birth plans

There I said it. I don’t believe in birth plans. “What?! You’re a doula who doesn’t believe in birth plans? Who are you?!” I know, I know, it’s unconventional and certainly not normal to hear a doula say that, but let me explain a bit first. I promise you’ll understand a bit better once I’m…

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Healthy, Protein Packed Homemade Granola Bars

granola bars

I’ve got 4 births coming up this month (one momma currently in early labor, who I’ll most likely join soon!). Whenever I know I’ll have a birth-heavy month, I like to prepare snacks beforehand that will be easy to take with me to the hospitals. Enter the homemade granola bar. I’ve long been a fan…

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Curry Chicken Salad with Tahini Maple Dressing


It’s no secret that I’ve been using my maple tahini dressing a lot lately (mostly to drizzle on top of my fall roasted veggies). But last night I made a really good, and super simple, curry chicken. In fact, it was so good that MG tasted it and said, “how did you make it?!” And…

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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Faux Latte

pumpkin spice latte

I am so obsessed with this time of year as evidenced by last week’s recipe for my favorite roasted fall veggies. The leaves, the smells, the coziness – I can’t get enough. As we’re quickly transitioning into winter and the holidays, I wanted to post my healthy pumpkin spice faux latte recipe before it’s too…

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Roasted Fall Veggies with Maple Tahini Sauce


The other week, I got really into fall. Probably because here in the Bay Area the weather is finally starting to feel crisp and cool. To me, nothing signifies autumn more than that. So, since I was in the fall mood, I decided it was time to roast up some seasonal veggies and make a…

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Cookies I Know You’ll Love


I’ve always had a “sweet tooth.” Every Sunday growing up, we’d spend the evening at my grandparents for dinner and dessert. Dessert ALWAYS happened and me and my grandpa were usually first to be served. Cookies, cake, ice cream, pie, trifle, you name it. We had to have something sweet before heading back home for the…

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