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Price increase starting 2019

By Katelyn Gonzalez | September 25, 2018 |
someone drawing a money sign

Hello and happy Tuesday! Once again, this month has flown by and I’m working hard to accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself for the month. I’m really looking forward to kicking off my postpartum Ayurvedic care in October with a sweet family while also trying to finish my childbirth education certification and assisting families…

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Hello, I’m back!

By Katelyn Gonzalez | September 12, 2018 |
M and K SF city hall wedding

Hey guys! I’m so sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I swear I’m still here, still doula-ing, still learning/studying. It’s just been a REALLY busy summer. I’m finally coming up for air though and want to update you on what’s been going on. First of all, I had so many summer clients. In…

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Plans for My Month “Off”

By Katelyn Gonzalez | April 3, 2018 |
relaxation and productivity

Happy spring! Here in Oakland, the weather is beautiful – averaging around 70 degrees every day. This time of year always makes me happy. The days are starting to get longer and there’s a feeling of renewal and success in the air. It’s the perfect time to have a bit of break from the hustle…

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A Doula’s Guide to Healing from a Cesarean Birth

By Katelyn Gonzalez | March 13, 2018 |
healing from cesarean birth

*Disclaimer – I am not a doctor. Nor do I have medical training. I am simply providing ideas for you to consider if you’ve had a cesarean birth. Please, always, consult with your doctor or care provider before doing anything. **Second disclaimer – I talk about grieving the loss of a vaginal birth throughout this…

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Exciting News: I’m Going to Be a Childbirth Educator!

By Katelyn Gonzalez | February 2, 2018 |
childbirth educator

Happy Friday! And sorry for being so MIA on the blogging front recently. January was a LONG month, and I felt like I had a lot of things going on including today’s exciting announcement- I’m training to become a childbirth education (CBE)! As soon as I became a doula, I started thinking of other things…

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5 Healthy Tips to Kickoff 2018

By Katelyn Gonzalez | January 3, 2018 |
healthy tips

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2018? It’s so true that the older you get, the quicker the years pass by. And 2017 was no exception. For many, last year felt difficult and sad. For me personally, it was a great year full of changes and growth. Don’t get me wrong, I had a…

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Why I don’t believe in birth plans *insert gasp here*

By Katelyn Gonzalez | December 15, 2017 |
birth plans

There I said it. I don’t believe in birth plans. “What?! You’re a doula who doesn’t believe in birth plans? Who are you?!” I know, I know, it’s unconventional and certainly not normal to hear a doula say that, but let me explain a bit first. I promise you’ll understand a bit better once I’m…

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Healthy, Protein Packed Homemade Granola Bars

By Katelyn Gonzalez | December 7, 2017 |
granola bars

I’ve got 4 births coming up this month (one momma currently in early labor, who I’ll most likely join soon!). Whenever I know I’ll have a birth-heavy month, I like to prepare snacks beforehand that will be easy to take with me to the hospitals. Enter the homemade granola bar. I’ve long been a fan…

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What to Expect if You’re Expecting At: CPMC in San Francisco

By Katelyn Gonzalez | December 6, 2017 |

Today marks the final post in my 3-part series of what to expect while you’re expecting at three major Bay Area hospitals – featuring CPMC in San Francisco. If you missed my posts on Alta Bates and Kaiser Oakland, see them here and here. As I stated in those two overviews, our practice does majority…

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How to Thrive During the Holidays After You’ve Lost a Loved One

By Katelyn Gonzalez | November 27, 2017 |

Today’s post holds a very special place in my heart. In fact, I’m currently writing it while watching one of my favorite holiday movies – The Family Stone. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a family that comes together to celebrate Christmas, and one of the sons/brothers brings home a woman that the family…

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